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In the legal profession it’s easy to get buried in paperwork and administration. RPA provides an enormous opportunity to drastically reduce the time it takes to process case notes and invoicing for example.

As you collate information for a case, RPA can monitor incoming emails through a natural language processing system. This identifies key information such as Case ID, personal information and sentiment and then applies rules and priorities to ensure the communication is attached to the correct case in the case management system.

At End Point Automation we recently helped a firm of 120 solicitors in the North East with some of these elements.  They were an injury law firm, and often had to read through hundreds of 40 page medical reports. Now however, when these come in, they are scanned – the bots look for keywords (such as CT, Xray etc), extract the pertinent paragraphs and add them to the relevant case and attach a PDF.

This reduced the case workload by 80%, a significant advantage which led to faster case processing and responses, and allowed solictors to focus on higher value workloads.